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我公司主要产品为药用空心胶囊。药用空心胶囊是用明胶为主要原料制成的有特定颜色 ( 可根据用户的需要进行特别配制 ) 和形状的囊壳。常用于有不良气味、对光敏感和遇湿热不稳定的药物或保健品的特殊包装。用空心胶囊制成的胶囊剂在生产过程中不需粘合剂和较大压力,在胃液中易于崩解释放,与片剂、丸剂相比可提高生物利用度。同时具有剂量准确,携带、使用方便,密封安全等优点。

The vacant capsule is the main product of our company, which is a kind of capsule shell with designated colors (prepared at the specific requirement of the customer) and shape made of gelatin as main material. It is usually used as the special packing for those medicines or health products with bad smell, light sensitiveness or labialisation in wet or hot conditions. No bond or additional pressure is required in producing capsules with vacant capsules. In addition, the specific capsules are easy to disintegrate in the gastric juice. Compared with tablets and pills, the capsules can offer a better bioavailability and other advantages in convenient preparation, carriage and usage and safe airproof packing.

  优质原料 :高档优质明胶,进口色素和钛****

  High quality raw materials: top gelatin, colourants and TiO 2 imported

  设备精良: 工艺先进、设备精良,全心为您提供高品质的空心胶囊

  Elaborated Equipment: Advanced technology, and elaborated equipments , offer you high quality vacant capsules heart and sole .

  印字: 提供轴向、环向、定向、双色印字
  Printing: Axial, radial, rectified, directionally and double-colour printing
  品种齐全: 可生产 00# 、 0# 、 1# 、 2# 、 3# 、 4# 六种型号的各类产品
  Complete product series: all six types of 00# , 0# , 1# , 2# , 3# and 4# are available.

  规模庞大: 年产可达 50 亿粒以上
  Strong capacity: more than 5 billion per year.

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